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Yes, Shopping Can Be Addictive

By now the notion of “retail therapy” has become a modern cliché. And yet it’s the rare popular idea that is actually backed by scientific evidence. As usual, the brain chemical to credit or blame for our pleasure—in this case, the pleasure of shopping—is dopamine. The neurotransmitter surges when you’re considering buying something new—anticipating a…

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How to Layer and Still Look Cute This Winter

When it comes to looking cool in the cold, I’ve found that some of the best style inspiration comes from my peers in the industry. As editors, we spend a lot of time outside, running from showroom appointment to showroom appointment, attending fashion shows, covering red carpet events, and more.

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Step Up Your Sweater Game With These Outfit Ideas

Everyone gets stuck in a style rut sometimes, whether it’s wearing the same pair of boots all Winter or wearing the same black skinny jeans week after week. As we dig into all those cozy sweaters, one question comes to mind: what the heck do we wear them with? The obvious answer would be jeans…

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